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Everything on this site is provided to you “AS IS” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. While OttoMoto, LLC makes every effort to provide accurate information on this web site, it assumes no responsibility for accuracy. Some information provided to you through this web site may contain technical or other inaccuracies or omissions, typographical errors, and may become outdated.

This agreement shall apply regardless of the means by which the site is accessed. We require you to protect your financial information by using the most secure encryption possible, and we specifically disclaim any and all responsibility for losses resulting from your use of encryption less than 128-bit.

You will need an OttoMoto, LLC username and password. Your username will be assigned by OttoMoto, LLC and is unique to each individual in your organization. The password is confidential and is only known to the individual user. You will have access to all transactions associated with your organization that is tied to your username. You agree to keep all OttoMoto, LLC usernames and passwords confidential to prevent unauthorized access to your OttoMoto, LLC account and the information therein. If you believe the security of usernames and/or passwords has been compromised in any way you must notify us immediately. We reserve the right to deny access to the OttoMoto, LLC site, or to deny processing of the transactions, in order to maintain or restore security to the OttoMoto, LLC site and services.

You agree to payment for OttoMoto, LLC services and fees by automatic payment. OttoMoto, LLC requires a 30 day cancellation notice. Prices and fees are subject to change; we will attempt to provide prior notification of such changes but cannot guarantee such notice. You agree that if, at any time, the payment does not process, that access to the OttoMoto, LLC site may be immediately disrupted. Any requests for termination of use of the OttoMoto, LLC site or to change the account used for payment must be received no less than 24 hours prior to billing date, in writing, via fax or email, and must include the new information to facilitate billing. No refund or credit will be given for partial month usage. If we have to file a lawsuit to collect any fees owed to OttoMoto, LLC you agree to pay our reasonable expenses, including attorney’s fees.

You are responsible for all data entered through any username assigned to your organization. You agree to have a signed credit application on file from all customers prior to sending an electronic application using the OttoMoto, LLC site. OttoMoto, LLC reserves the right to request a copy of said application. Failure to produce a copy of such signed credit application is a material breach of this agreement. You agree to verify all data before submission. OttoMoto, LLC is not liable for any errors, mistakes or inaccuracies on the loan application.

You agree to notify OttoMoto, LLC immediately if you believe that an unauthorized transaction has been or may be conducted from your account, or if you suspect fraudulent activity on your account. You agree to assist us in our efforts to recover any funds that were transferred or paid without permission.

You authorize OttoMoto, LLC to disclose to affiliates, independent auditors, consultants, attorneys and third parties information you have provided to us, or that we have obtained regarding your accounts and the transactions you make to comply with laws, government agency rules or orders, court orders, subpoenas or other legal process, or in order to give information to any government agency or official or agency having legal authority to request such information. OttoMoto, LLC may also provide this information to a third party to verify the existence and condition of your account, such as a credit bureau or merchant.

You agree to allow agent affiliates for third party integrations access to your platforms and necessary client data for potential third-party agreements or products. These third-party agent affiliates will be responsible for their own actions and accountability.

You may not assign this Agreement or your rights to the services to any other party. We may assign or transfer this Agreement. OttoMoto, LLC reserves the right to revise or update the OttoMoto, LLC services and site or perform maintenance on the site or related materials, resulting in interrupted services, errors in the services or rendering prior services obsolete. We will attempt to provide prior notification of such interruptions and changes but cannot guarantee such notice. We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement as to all prior versions of our programs, the services and/or related material and limit access to our more recent versions and updates. We shall not be deemed to have waived any of our rights or remedies hereunder unless such waiver is in writing and signed by OttoMoto, LLC.

OttoMoto, LLC shall have no liability to you for any damage or loss, direct or consequential, which you may incur by reason of your use of the OttoMoto, LLC services or your computer system. You agree the OttoMoto, LLC has no liability for any harmful components that may enter your computer system by downloading information, software, or other materials from our site.

The information on the OttoMoto, LLC site is copyrighted, and the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of any portion is prohibited. Our logos and products may not be used without our permission. No part of the OttoMoto, LLC website may be copied, republished, redistributed, modified or otherwise used or exploited by you except as is strictly necessary for conducting business. The OttoMoto, LLC site and services are solely available to citizens and residents of the United States of America and may not be accessed from outside the USA.

OttoMoto, LLC reserves the right, without notice, to terminate access to the OttoMoto, LLC site and services should we find you in breach of this Agreement.

If any provision of this agreement is void or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision contained herein. This agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with all applicable federal laws and regulations.

Return Policy

All sales are final. The OttoMoto, LLC platform monthly services are billed monthly by level of service selected within the customer dashboard, transaction fees are billed upon funding, and cancelation must be a 30-day notice in writing prior to any recurring billing taking place.

Electronic Communications

Visiting and or sending emails to OttoMoto, LLC constitutes electronic communications. You consent to receive electronic communications and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically, via email and on the Site, satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

Other Agreements

In addition to this Agreement, the Dealer agrees to be bound by and comply with such other written requirements as OM may furnish to the Dealer in connection with OTTOMOTO® or products which may be accessed through OTTOMOTO®, OM’s rules and regulations, and applicable state and federal law and regulations. OM shall at all times comply with all state and federal laws and regulations applicable to its own actions, forms and procedures, if any, utilized in carrying out its responsibilities under this Agreement. Dealer agrees to be bound by all applicable OM Terms and Conditions.

Dealer acknowledges that the pull count on JD Power integration resets on the 1st of each month.

Most participating finance sources do not require a separate agreement, but some do make such a requirement. To gain access to certain sources, Client agrees to execute any additional documents certain sources may require. You authorize OttoMoto, LLC to share your consumer information with Sirius XM (SXM).

In addition, and subject to any limitations imposed by applicable law, you authorize your respective Dealer Management System (DMS) to share information with OttoMoto, LLC that which is necessary to perform their respective duties under this agreement.

Updated November 2022